Game of Thrones : Dragons Rebirth - Chapter IV Family Affairs (2024)

Game of Thrones : Dragons Rebirth

Table of contents

  • Prologue
  • Chapter I Birth of a New King
  • Chapter II making new Allies
  • Chapter III Family,Duty,Honnor
  • Chapter IV Family Affairs
  • Chapter V The Landsmeet
  • Capter VI Time
  • Chapter VII The Royal Arrive
  • Chapter IIX Love And Tragity
  • Chapter IX Blue Rose grew on a Wall of Ice
  • Chapter X The Revival
  • Chapter XI The Game of Throne
  • Chapter XII The War Begins
  • Chapter XIII A Victory or A Defeat
  • Chapter XIV Secrets Truths Reveale
  • Chapter XV The Crowning of a King
  • Chapter XVI The War of Five King Begins
  • Chapter XVII Proposal
  • Chapter IIXX The Kings Moot
  • Chapter IXX Council

    Game of Thrones : Dragons Rebirth - Chapter IV Family Affairs (1)


    Game of Thrones : Dragons Rebirth


    What if Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark was not just honorable to a fault but also clever. What if Lord Eddard told Lady Catelyn the truth of Jons birth. What if others also knew about Jon's true heritage. All rights are owned by George R.R. Marten and HBO...

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    Game of Thrones : Dragons Rebirth - Chapter IV Family Affairs (2)

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    by fenrir76

    by fenrir76


    Lord Eddard

    It's been little over a two months since I sent my little brother Benjen to Myr. At first he wanted to join the Nights Watch but after telling him that it wasn't his fault for what happened to Lyanna. It turns out that he was the officiate and witness to Lyanna and Rhaegar wedding. He also showed me something I thought I would never see under Winterfell, a clutch of dragons eggs just like the old stories said. There must have been close to a hundred eggs down there but no way of opening them. Maybe Jon will be able to awaken them once he comes of age.

    My expansion plans for White Harbor are almost complete, by what Lord Wyman Manderly said they still had enough gold dragons left over that they could even start on the new ships right away. On Bear Island I had Maege set up a early warning system in case of raiders from ether wildlings or Iron born. At Deepwood Moat the Glovers had stumbled on a gemstone rich cave that would increase tradable goods for the north and is asking for a lone of four hundred dragons to cover haft the cost. Then finally the Umbers stumbled across a large camp of wildling that surprisingly didn't attack first. By what Lord Greatjon Umber said that they were ready to put the sword and torch to every one of the savages until the leader that wore black ringmail and a cloak of black wool and red silk over it and carried a helm of bronze and iron and has bronze raven wings at each temple. The man was the leader of the village and seamed to know our customs rather well, there leader snuck into the Umber camp to offer Greatjon bread and salt as a show of peace so they could talk terms. The village leader name turned out to be Mance Rayder, he told Greatjon that he wished to speak to a Stark to come to terms so that both people's will come to no harm. Greatjon sent a raven post haste and now they are making there way hear. " Sigh it should be any day now that Greatjon arrives and with him our other guest and his fellow Chieftons. I left my solar and went to mine and Cat's chambers. As I enter our chambers I find asleep on the bed the most beautiful woman in the whole world. She had run herself ragged trying to oversee the preparation for The Greatjon and guess.I slipped in to the bed after changing my close and when to sleep.

    The next morning I awake with Catelyn in my arms. It was early morning the sun wasn't even out yet.I was about to go back to sleep when until someone nocks on the door. Get up and cover Cat up then I go see who is at the door unholy hour. When I open the door the newly appointed maester. Maester Luwin had a letter in his hand and said " I'm sorry my lord but this letter have just arrived, it bears your brothers seal." I take the letter and motion for Luwin to follow. When we arrive at my solar and take our seats I open the letter it reads

    Dear Brother

    I have found Uncle Rodrik... well it's more like he found me. When his people found me they bought me before uncle. I told him of what happened and that we needed him to come home. He laughed and said he had already decided to come home and that he was planning and getting his affairs in order so that he and his daughter could come with me. He's bringing along all of his household and troops, the Silver Shields company and other company that I'll let you deal with. By the time you receive this letter we will be about a fortnight away.

    Sincerely your brother Benjen

    I reread the letter a couple of times before handing it over to Maester Luwin. " What do you think my lord?" Maester Luwin asked. "Well adopt a wait and see approach for now. First will handle the wildling and then worry about the rest." I stated. Luwin nods his head in stand we both agree that we should return to our rooms to get some sleep. Later in that morning all of Winterfell was abuzz with life. Everyone was getting ready for rather the Umbers and guess orfor Benjen and Uncle Rodrik. Not a moment later after looking at the reports of increasing movement in the Iron islands a horn blew signaling the arrival of our first guess. I throw on my fur cloak and head out to greet and offer guests rights.

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    Game of Thrones : Dragons Rebirth - Chapter IV Family Affairs (2024)
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