Easy Yellow Squash Bruschetta Recipe - The Vanilla Plum (2024)

Easy Yellow Squash Bruschetta Recipe - The Vanilla Plum (1)

Nothing makes me appreciate my garden produce like the belly-warming flavors of a beautiful roasted summer squash recipe. My signature recipe starts with slow-roasted yellow squash, topped with creamy chèvre, toasted pine nuts, sweet tarragon and liberal amounts of salt and pepper. Then finished with a drizzle of balsamic reduction on french baguette toast.

As for bread, you can switch it up to taste. Since the squash is a little heartier, French bread seemed to lighten it up. However, if you prefer a crunch then you may go with a good sourdough.

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Finding great ideas for finger foods and appetizers have always been my favorite. Mostly because the preparation and eating procedures are full of style. Preparing this simple yellow squash recipe as an appetizer or posh side dish.

You can have this ready to serve any guest that pops over quickly.This appetizer is definitely a great one for special occasions. If you’re serving vegetarian types you can make it up as a small plate dinner tonight. Not just for summer, squash is a good choice in any season.

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Personally, I’ve always loved Bruschetta, but not everyone likes or can eat tomatoes. So, finding an alternative to such a tasty dish can be tricky. Rather than just replacing ingredients in the dish, I wanted to recreate the dish. My friends at Divine Flavor, a Mexican family-run and grower-owned fruit and vegetable distribution company (based out of Arizona) helped perfect my recipe.

I love roasting veggies so I knew the concept I had in mind. Of course it just wouldn’t be right if there was basil or mozzarella included. I went through a list of about 20 combos for sliced squash before I knew what sounded right.Just a quick tossing of the squash, olive oil and spices and slide in oven. The toppings are fresh and quick. The bread can be sliced and put in the oven for a few minutes before serving.

These look beautiful with the pale yellow, white of the cheese and golden pine nuts. You could also serve over pasta, couscous or salad for more of a meal.

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My food critic mother gets the most patient award for this one! I’ve been talking about this one for a long time and finally rolled it out. So nice to have a foodies in my family when I need opinions. On food that is haha.

I wanted something fresh and earthy. So in finding the right spice to replace basil I searched through my cabinet. Have you ever cooked with Tarragon? A favorite ingredient among French chefs, I had no idea just how well it would pair with yellow squash.

Tarragon is fragrant as it is tasty and mild. So my kitchen smelled great as the squash slow cooked in the oven.

Turns out tarragon is not only used to treat insomnia but improves digestive health. It is said that it “has the ability to fight certain bacteria.” It’s literally as simple as preheating the oven to 400, tossing the ingredients, throwing on a baking sheet and putting in the oven.

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This dish is filling, comforting and only containing 18 calories per squash. Gluten free and growing in my garden, it also has a lot of Folic Acid, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, and even some Lutein for your eyes! Seriously, read any pregnancy blog and you’ll find yellow squash and zucchini to be on the must have list.

I am pleased that you can leave the skin on yellow squash and brush with olive oil. It adds stability to the sometimes mushy squash once cooked, saves you a prepping step, and allows you to eat the whole vegetable, adding nutrients. However, leaving the skin on does mean finding the organic variety of yellow squash. This is very important so you aren’t putting undue pesticides in your body.

Best of all, it tastes heavenly! You know, that perfect complexity that occurs when all parts of your tongue are working at the same time? When you have earthy, tart, sweet, salty, black pepper-y, notes all floating on your tongue at once, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Let me know what you think below on one of my best easy recipes!

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Easy Yellow Squash Bruschetta

Prep Time

10 mins

Total Time

30 mins

Nothing makes me ready to say goodbye to summer produce like the belly-warming fall flavors of a beautiful yellow squash recipe. And not just any recipe, a slow-roasted yellow squash topped with creamy chèvre, toasted pine nuts, sweet Tarragon, and a drizzle of balsamic reduction on toasts.



Servings: 8 people

Author: Michaell


  • 1loaffrench breadsliced
  • 5-6wholeorganic yellow squashcubed
  • 1wholelemonjuiced
  • 2tbsplemon zest
  • 1tbspavocado oilor preferred oil (avocado has a high smoke point)
  • 1tspsalt & pepperto taste
  • 1tbspcoconut sugar
  • 1/4cuppine nuts
  • 1bunchfresh tarragonabout 1/4 cup, chopped
  • 8ozchèvreplain
  • balsamic reductiondrizzled to taste


  1. Preheat Oven to 400 Degrees.

  2. Thoroughly wash the yellow squash, lemon, and Tarragon.

  3. Chop the Organic Yellow Squash until cubed (I left the skins on).

  4. Add the avocado oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper, and coconut sugar.

  5. Toss together and bake on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes or until brown. Flip after 10 minutes.

  6. Slice the bread and put aside.

  7. Once the squash is done, turn the oven down to 350 and bake the french bread and pine nuts for 7 minutes.

  8. Toss the squash, pine nuts, lemon zest, and chopped Tarragon together.

  9. Top the toasts with a generous smearing of chèvre, top with a spoonful of squash, and drizzle the Balsamic reduction on top.

  10. Serve!

Here are some tips on growing your own yellow squash from DIY Network.

How to grow your own squash from seed:

Step 1. Start seeds indoors.

“Put two seeds, 1″ deep into 4″ peat pots and water them until the soil was moist (Image 1). For best germination, you need to maintain the seeds at a constant temperature of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Using grow lights is the best way to maintain a constant temperature.

Once the seedlings reach 2″ tall, use scissors to thin the plants to one per pot. Also, before you plant the seedlings outdoors, harden off the seedlings.”

Step 2. Prepare the Garden Soil

the soil should be fertilized with a 10-10-10 formula, meaning there are added amendments of 10 percent of each need element — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Using a garden fork you turn the fertilizer into the soil at least 12″ deep. Next, insert a soil thermometer into the ground to make certain the temperature is at least 70 degrees”

Step 3. Transplant the seedlings

“Dig a hole to the same depth as the peat pots. Set four seedlings, pot and all, in hills on the raised beds about 3′ apart. Pack soil around the seedlings and then lightly water the plants.”

Easy Yellow Squash Bruschetta Recipe - The Vanilla Plum (2024)


Why does my bruschetta taste bitter? ›

If your bruschetta is bitter, it is probably your olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil varies in pungency and bitterness. Try trying other brands to see if you can find something a little more pleasant for you!

Why is my bruschetta watery? ›

Peel and gut your tomatoes

Tomato skins and seeds can be bitter, and removing them improves the flavor and texture of your bruschetta topping. Seeds and skin also contain extra water, which can make your bruschetta runny and your toast points soggy.

What is the topping on bruschetta called? ›

food blogger Author has 2.8K answers and 47.3M. · 10mo. Though the whole thing is usually called bruschetta, the topping is called the condiment.

How do you upgrade bruschetta? ›

40 ways to make your bruschetta even better
  1. Grilled haloumi and tomato bruschetta with za'atar caper salsa. ...
  2. Roasted capsicum bruschetta. ...
  3. Bruschetta with butter-braised zucchini and smoked salmon. ...
  4. Eggplant, fennel and burrata rye bruschetta. ...
  5. Tomato conserva bruschetta. ...
  6. Mushroom bruschetta with garlic and macadamia pesto.

What is the best tomato to use for bruschetta? ›

I like to use a mix of heirloom varieties, which offer not only a confetti-like rainbow of colors but also a blend of flavors; some sweeter, some more tart. Some can be fleshier paste tomatoes, like plums, while others can be juicy with seeds.

What kind of tomatoes are good for bruschetta? ›

  • Roma tomatoes. You can use whatever tomatoes you'd like, but roma tomatoes are an excellent choice-- they're chewy-fleshed tomatoes with a low amount of water, so they're perfect for bruschetta.
  • Salt. ...
  • Extra-virgin olive oil. ...
  • Garlic. ...
  • Fresh herbs. ...
  • Baguette or crusty bread.
Jun 30, 2023

Will bruschetta get soggy? ›

Top the bruschetta right before serving to prevent it from going soggy. Alternatively, you can serve the bruschetta and topping separately and allow your guests to assemble them. Another step that can help is adding an ingredient to protect the bread from wetter ingredients.

Is bruschetta supposed to be soggy? ›

Bruschetta is a simple yet highly flavorful dish meant to showcase ingredients at their peak; let the ingredients speak for themselves. Whatever recipe you choose, remember to wait to top your bread with the tomato or vegetable mixture until just before serving to further prevent soggy bruschetta.

How long can bruschetta sit out? ›

It is generally not recommended to leave perishable foods, especially those containing ingredients like tomatoes and garlic, at room temperature for more than 2 hours. To ensure food safety, it's advisable to refrigerate bruschetta if it has been left out for an extended period.

Do you have to refrigerate bruschetta after opening? ›

But don't let it sit at room temperature for more than 30 minutes. Bruschetta is one of those things that can last in the fridge as long as the tomatoes stay good. Eventually the vinegar will break down the tomatoes and turn kind of mushy. Just keep it STORED in the fridge in an airtight container.

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