A Gamer of Thrones: An ASOIAF Gamer SI (2024)

Ganurath said:

He's in King's Landing, specifically Flea Bottom. Which I suspect many people would agree is worse, although I'll admit that's damning the Iron Islands with faint praise.

Also, he's specced for raiding and against social interaction with Westerosi. If anything, he should be heading to the Iron Islands.

Yes, but that isn't the plan. . .at least not yet.

Plus, the Gamer is a bullsh*t haaxorz ability that will allow me to overcome social interaction barriers with time and effort.

Also I'd hate to leave you all on a cliff hanger, so here's another update


As I made my way through the winding alleys of flea bottom under stealth I resolved to do this the smart way, Stealth killing as many bandits as possible. I may be the Gamer, but even I don't want to chance 10 to 1 odds at level one. I crept past discarded crates and rubbish piles eagerly attempting to get the drop on any bandits in the area. As I crouched down behind a pile of rubbish I could see a pair of bandits blocking the mouth of this alley.

"Observe" I whispered.

Gutter Bandit

Level 3

HP: 130

STR: 13

DEX: 12

VIT: 13

INT: 10

WIS: 10

LUK: 11

This Burly Brute carries around a large mallet for tenderizing meat. . .and breaking bones. Beware his powerful strikes

Gutter Bandit Skulker

Level 3

HP: 120

STR: 12

DEX: 14

VIT: 12

INT: 12

WIS: 10

LUK: 12

This agile thief carries a pair of daggers, beware his speed

Well, a strong bandit and a fast bandit. . .This wasn't good, they could cover each other's weaknesses if I fought them together. I'm going to have to get them to seperate. A Plan began forming in my mind. I picked up a bottle from the refuse pile and tossed it across the alley, where it shattered against a building on the far side.

"What was that?" Asked the Strong bandit. "Don't ask me, go check it out. Could be someone worth money." Snarked back the second bandit. The Strong bandit began to make his way back towards where the bottle had smashed. I'd only get one good shot at this. . .

As the bandit reached the location of the smashed bottle, I lunged from my concealment with my sword taking him through the torso with a thrust, I had to have at least hit a lung there as the bandit collapsed to the ground from my surprise attack, gurgling blood from his pierced lung.

Through Special Action a Skill has been Created!

Sneak Attack Lv 1 Exp 11%-An attack from Stealth with a chance to deal a Large amount of damage with a high chance of critical hit, Costs 20 MP

Stealth Leveled Up!

For Improvising a Plan and pulling it off, your Wisdom has increased by 1!

I dismissed the windows quickly as I dragged the body behind the refuse pile, relieving the Bandit of his Purse, which had all of three stags and 6 stars. The money automatically entered my inventory, which was handy. Of course in the time that took, the Quick bandit began to get suspicious and entered the alley "What the Seven Hells is taking you so long?" He called out. Then he spotted the blood.

I quickly leaped out from behind the Rubbish pile and aimed a cut at his neck before he could raise an alarm. He ducked out of the way. . .barely, and all I managed was a cut above his left eye that began to bleed. Fortuitously it looked like the blood was interfering in his vision and I pressed that advantage, coming in from the left with a strong slash that forced him to dodge aside. His retaliatory strike with his offhand knife glanced off my Brigandine and gave me an opening for another powerful slash which tore into the bandit from shoulder to groin. He crumpled like a marionette with his strings cut.

Through Special Action a Skill has been Created!

Power Strike Lv1 Exp 22%-A powerful attack with a chance to deal a large amount of damage, costs 20 MP

Once again I dismissed the window and dragged the corpse behind the rubbish pile, relieving the dead bandit of his purse for 5 silver stags before continuing on my way under stealth once more. Ducking into an alley across the road in the general direction of the Red Keep. Along the way I ran into two more Strong Bandits patrolling the alley and a quick bandit standing on a corner, the strong bandits were dispatched with Sneak Attack while two uses of Power Strike managed to disarm the Quick bandit in a most literal fashion. About ten minutes into my little excursion, my Stealth had leveled up twice and my Sword Mastery had leveled up once.

Unfortunately that was when my luck had decided to run out, there was a wide plaza between my location and the next alley with two strong bandits and two quick bandits guarding what looked like an overturned cart. I could see a merchant with his throat cut lying in a pool of blood at their feet. Obviously he had gotten lost and wound up in flea bottom, and refused to pay off these bandits.

I needed to get past them to get to the next alley. Unfortunately I had a sneaking suspicion that I was going to have to go through them if I wanted to get my additional objective in. Reaching into my inventory I pulled out my handaxe and hefted it in my off-hand. It was a might awkward, but that would presumably fade as soon as I got a skill for dual wielding.

Walking out into the plaza I tried to rush the group while they were ransacking the cart, but it seemed that I was out of luck as one of the Quick bandits spotted me. The two strong bandits rushed to meet me as the quick bandits spread out to try and flank me. This was going to be more difficult.

I ducked under a swipe from the mattock of one of the strong bandits and aimed a cut with my broadsword at his front leg, but was blocked by a parry from the other strong bandit. I had to dance out of the way of the follow through strike from the first strong bandit as his mattock came swinging in to where I had previously been. Spinning around I lashed out with my hand-axe at one of the Quick bandits who had danced in to try and strike me with a sneak attack, forcing him to pull up short or lose his left hand at the wrist. A follow through swipe of my sword forced the second quick bandit to abandon his attempt to gut me with both daggers, as he danced to the left, right into the path of my Handaxe, which buried itself in the side of his head.

Axe Mastery has leveled up!

Not now! I grumbled internally, dismissing the window. Unfortunately that moment cost me as a mattock slammed into my shoulder.

-38 HP

Ouch, even with my armor and damage resistance that was a hell of a blow. I rolled to a stop with my Handaxe still buried in the dead bandit's skull now six steps beyond where I was. The two Strong Bandits rushed in to close the gap, mattocks poised for a synchronized beatdown, but a quick shoulder roll allowed me to tumble around them and retrieve my handaxe, which I promptly threw at the exposed back of one of the strong bandits, burying it in the man's spine.

Through Special Action a Skill has been created

Thrown Weapon Mastery Lv1 Exp 11%-Ups damage with thrown weapon by 5% per level

Dammit not now!

-21 HP

My mind registered the pain as the second quick bandit darted in to cut me on my bicep. Note to self, invest in a padded jack. Bracers can only do so much by themseves. Fortunately I managed to dispatch that Bandit with a Power Strike that took his arm off at the shoulder, leaving him to curl in on himself in shock.

Power Strike has leveled up!

I really need to figure out a way to ignore those damn windows in combat. . .

The fourth and last bandit, came in howling as he saw his friends die one by one, swinging his mattock at my head, intent on pulping it like a melon. I ducked aside from the attack but he spun around with a side swing that threatened my knee. I had to jump it in order to not get hit. Coming down with an overhead strike in mid-jump only to find it blocked by the haft of a mattock. Apparently anger made you a better fighter in this setting. . .go figure. However a swift kick to the bandit's groin caused his eyes to bulge and his grip on his mattock to falter, allowing me to slip my sword under his ribs.

Through Special Action a Skill has Been Created!

Dual Wielding Mastery Lv 1 Exp 22%-Ups Damage when wielding two weapons by 5% per weapon per level

Sword Mastery has leveled up!

For winning against 4 to 1 odds your LUK has increased by 1!

Your level has Increased to level 2!

Nice, that was a lot of stuff. Dismissing the various windows I retrieved my handaxe and relieved the four dead bandits of their purses for a total of 21 Silver Stags. I then relieved the merchant of his purse for a total of 80 Silver Stags! Looking at the cart, I could now see that it was a silk merchant, no wonder the bandits had cut his throat. Unfortunately the blood and muck of the streets and rough handling of the bandits had fouled the finished ware. Wait a tic. . .

"Observe." I muttered.

Bolt of Silk Cloth-This is a crafting ingredient

That could be worth something. . .I picked up the rolled up bolt of silk and stuffed it into my inventory before moving onto the next alley. It was smooth sailing for another five minutes with only a lone Quick Bandit on patrol, until I heard a rough voice say, "You killed my crew, you shouldn't have done that. Do you know who I am, I'm a f*ckin Legend me! I'll carve you up!"

"Observe" I muttered as I turned to face my opponent.

Bandit Leader-Karl Tanner

Level 6

Title: The f*ckin legend of Gin Alley

STR 15

DEX 15

VIT 15

INT 14

WIS 10

LUK 12

Karl Tanner is an expert dirty fighter and is good with both knife and axe. His treacherous nature makes for a fearsome opponent.

And just like that he charged, hatchet coming in high, knife coming in low, I gave ground not able to parry both at once only to have to jump over his attempt to trip me as I backpedaled. I parried a swipe of his axe only for his knife to try and take out my left eye, I barely leaned out of the way in time. As we stood there in the clinch, weapons locked, he attempted to knee me in the groin, which I had to block with my leg, resulting in him bowling me over and me hitting the cobblestones hard.

-12 HP

I immediately had to roll to avoid a curbstomp and struck out with my axe, which only managed to graze Karl f*cking Tanner as he rolled out of the majority of the force of the blow, and came in with a cut to my face that almost took my right eye out.

-20 HP

I of course immediately counterattacked with an attempt to kick him in the groin only for him to back out of range and cut me in the leg

-16 HP

I struck out with axe and sword attempting to corner him he dodged to the left and parried the axe with his knife before raking the blade down my axe hand to attempt to cut off a few fingers. I barely pulled back in time to only get cut on the back of my hand.

-14 HP

Fortunately I didn't drop my axe, unfortunately I was dying a death of a thousand cuts, I needed to change things up a bit or I was going to die. At least I leveled up beforehand, otherwise I would have been dead by now.

Hoping that my plan works I threw my handaxe at him, only to follow through with a rush and a Power Strike aimed at his legs he dodged the axe, but I managed to get him in the left hamstring with my follow through.

Another Power Strike shattered his guard and bowled him over against the side of the alley, where I Thrust Downwards with my sword, pinning him to the alley floor on my blade. Retrieving my axe, I buried it in his skull for the final blow.

Through Special Action a Skill has been Created!

Finishing Strike Lv1 Exp 11%-A Powerful final attack at the end of a combo with a chance for a large amount of damage, costs 30 MP

Thrown Weapons Mastery has leveled Up!

Duel Wielding Mastery has Leveled Up!

Axe Mastery has leveled Up!

Sword Mastery has Leveled Up!

Damage Resistance has Leveled Up!

Power Strike has leveled up!

For pulling a plan out of your ass and having it hold up, your LUK has increased by 1!

Damn that was a tough fight. . .I relieved Karl's Purse from him, 8 silver stags and 6 copper stars. "Sorry buddy, no night's watch for you this time." I grunted.

"Wait a second. . .Observe!" I grunted out.

Good Quality Fighting Hatchet-Dmg 12: A particularly well balanced handaxe made from good steel, Where a Gutter Bandit Like Karl Tanner got this is anyone's guess, though signs point to murder.

"Yoink!" I replied as I snagged the axe and replaced my worn Handaxe with it. The Old Axe went into my inventory.

I walked for another ten minutes before I ran into a Gold Cloak Patrol near where Fleabottom began to fade and the Merchant Quarter began to come in.

"Halt! We've heard rumors of Gang Violence in Flea Bottom, who are you and why are you so well armed?" Asked the fatter of the two watchmen, narrowing his piggy little eyes.

"Name's Robb Pyke. I'm a sellsword who had the unenviable experience of getting black out drunk and finding myself waking up in Flea Bottom. I wouldn't know about gang violence, soon as I woke up I caught a pickpocket trying to steal my purse, gave him the back of my hand and that was that. That's all the violence I encountered today." I lied through my teeth.

The pair of Goldcloaks seemed to consider my story before saying, "Well, that's as may be, but I'm afraid I'm Going to have to ask you pay a fine for crossing into a restricted area, knowledge or not, the Watch Commander has ordered that flea bottom be cordoned off due to the impending arrival of the New King's hand, Eddard Stark. It wouldn't do for the new hand to see the wretches and guttersnipes moving about the city freely. Fine's ten stags."

"Far be it for me to attempt to avoid paying a fine." I said handing over the ten Stag Bribe.

The Goldcloaks counted the coins before saying, "Well it seems everything here is in Order. Have a good day, citizen." and letting me pass.

Through Special Action, a Skill has been Created!

Persuade Lv 1 Exp 11%-A skill for talking your way out of trouble rather than fighting your way out

Quest Complete-Escape From the Gutter!

Main Objective-Get out of Flea Bottom in one piece-Completed-500 exp and 10 silver stags obtained!

Additional Objective 1-Defeat 10 Bandits-Completed-200 exp and 12 Silver Stags Obtained!

Additional Objective 2-Defeat Bandit Leader-Completed-250 exp, 20 Silver Stags, and Skill Book-A Gentleman's Primer on Dirty Fighting Obtained!

Additional Objective 3-Don't get arrested by the Gold Cloaks-Completed-50 Exp, 5 Silver Stags, +75 Reputation with Gold Cloaks Obtained!

Your level has increased to Level 3!

As I walked off into the Merchant Quarter humming a jaunty tune, I ducked into a nearby alley and pulled out the Skill Book

This Book teaches the Skill Dirty Fighting Mastery

Would you like to Learn this Skill


I tapped yes and immediately knowledge filled my brain

You Have learned Dirty Fighting Mastery

Dirty Fighting Mastery Lv1 Exp 0%-Ups Damage when fighting dirty by 5% per level

I had also gained 2 levels in that quest and thus had 8 points to spend. I put 2 each into STR, DEX, and VIT and 1 Each into INT and WIS. That settled I dismissed everything and set about heading on my way into the merchant quarter. Time to get the lay of the land. . .



Robb Pyke

Title: The Gamer

Level: 3

HP: 200
MP: 200

STR: 16 (14)

DEX: 16 (14)

VIT: 16 (14)

INT: 15 (13)

WIS: 16 (14)

LUK 16 (14)

Points to Spend: 0


Prodigy: +2 to all stats
Ironborn: 10% Bonus to all Skill and Stat Experience near large bodies of water, Reputation Gains with Westerosi reduced to 50% of Normal
Bastard: Reputation Gains with Nobility reduced to 75% of normal


Gamer's Body (Passive) LvMax-Allows the User to live life like in a video game

Gamer's Mind (Passive) LvMax-Allows the User to logically think through events. Immunity to Mind Effects

Axe Mastery (Passive) Lv 4 Exp 11%-Ups damage with Axes by 5% per level

Sword Mastery (Passive) Lv 4 Exp 11%-Ups damage with Swords by 5% per level

Dual Wielding Mastery (Passive) Lv 2 Exp 22-Ups damage when dual wielding by 5% per weapon, per level

Dirty Fighting Mastery (Passive) Lv1 Exp 0%-Ups Damage when Dirty Fighting by 5% Per level

Thrown Weapon Mastery (Passive) Lv 2 Exp 11%-Ups damage with thrown weapons by 5% Per Level

Sailing (Passive) Lv 2 Exp 0%-Allows you to help sail a ship

Damage Resistance (Passive) Lv 3 Exp 0%-Reduces incoming physical damage by 1% per level

Posion Resistance (Passive) Lv 3 Exp 0%-Reduces Incoming Damage from Toxins and Drugs by 1% per level

Stealth Lv 4 Exp 55%-Allows you to move without being seen, chance of detection goes down by 2% per level

Power Strike Lv 3 Exp 11%-A powerful attack with a chance to deal a large amount of damage, costs 20 MP

Sneak Attack Lv 2 Exp 22%-An attack from Stealth with a chance to deal a Large amount of damage with a high chance of critical hit, Costs 20 MP

Finishing Strike Lv1 Exp 11%-A Powerful final attack at the end of a combo with a chance for a large amount of damage, costs 30 MP

A Gamer of Thrones: An ASOIAF Gamer SI (2024)
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